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Handmade by women artisans in Bolgatanga, Ghana, these fair trade elephant grass baskets boast of a craftsmanship handed down from generation to generation. 

Mini Size: 6-8" diameter, 5-6" tall
Large Size: 14-17" diameter, 9-11" tall


Often, these women artisans depend on the income from the sale of their baskets to supplement their family's income.  Farming and herding are the main sources of income in the villages surrounding the city of Bolgatanga, but can be largely unreliable with weather conditions being such an uncertain factor. 

Basket weaving provides a supplemental income for thousands of African families in the region.  Much of this "supplemental" income is used for what many might consider basic needs - food and school supplies for the children in the families. 

Typically, these women transport the baskets to the large, central market in Bolgatanga to be sold.  However, our Fair Trade partnership with the artisans provides an avenue for the baskets to be exported and opens the doors to a much more reliable income source for these families. 

Materials & Sustainability

The materials used for the baskets are naturally sourced and highly sustainable.  The baskets are not treated with substances of any sort after production, providing you with a completely natural and chemical-free product. 

Basket: Hand-harvested Elephant Grass

Handles: 100% Leather*

*Leather colors may vary between black and brown as each basket is a unique, one of a kind treasure

Caring for your Basket

Baskets are shipped flat and will need to be reshaped. Reshaping is simple.  The kitchen sink should be a great place for it. 

  1. Submerge your basket in water for up to one minute (or you can spray it with the hose).  If the handle gets wet, don't worry - it will dry. 
  2. Let your basket rest for three to five minutes as the grasses absorb the moisture and become pliable. 
  3. Bend and reshape your basket as needed. 
  4. Set your basket out in the sun to dry.  It can also be dried inside with the use of a fan. 


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