When we started Selah, it was to meet a need for our friends and family.  
They wanted quality oils, fair prices, and honest people to buy them from.  
So that's what we did.  We hadn't really imagined it would grow into this.  
Today we still focus on our original tradition of helping people find
the answers they are looking for.  We stand on the excellence 
and purity of our oils.  There’s no fluff.  No unnecessary fillers.  Simply oils.  
We here at Selah are entirely unique from all others in the industry.  
We are on a mission to be real with people and share two truths with them.
The truth that oils may heal the body, but not the spirit.
And the truth that the spirit has only one Healer. 
We are the fish that swims up stream. We are on a stand alone mission.  
We are set apart. We are Selah.