Grapefruit Essential Oil

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(Citrus Paradisi)

Plant Origin: USA

Extraction Method: Cold pressed from rind

Selah essential oil blends that use Grapefruit essential oil: 

Citrus, Selah Kids: Empower, Jr. Blend, Gall-Liver, Gall-Liver Gentle

Uses & Indications

When treating hemorrhoids, aloe vera gel makes a good base for the essential oils, which can be self-administered. Spending 10 minutes in a sitz bath with essential oils (blended first in a little honey and hot water or an emulsifier [epsom salt]) is also useful, as is a compress... Phlebotonic essential oils which help to relieve hemorrhoids and varicose veins are: neroli, lemon, grapefruit, cypress, geranium, tea tree, cajuput, niaouli, spikenard and patchouli (Price, 242).  

Diuretic esssential [oil] which can reduce oedema (Price, 244).

Used to help with postnatal depression (Price, 249).

Refreshing/stimulating (Price, 245).

Shelf life 2-3 years

Acne, antibacterial, antiseptic, cellulite, depression, detoxification, diuretic, fatigue, headache, irritability, lymph stimulant, muscle pain and stiffness, oily hair, oily skin, weight-loss support (Althea Press, 337).

One of the most important distinctions between Grapefruit oil and the other citrus oils is that it is not a photosensitizer (Davis, 134).

Grapefruit is a valuable oil for fluid retention, cellulite and other conditions where toxins are not being eliminated effectively, being a diuretic, detoxifier, and a stimulant of the lymphatic system (Davis, 134-135).

Contracts and tones tissue, oily skin, acne, disperses lactic acid in lard-worked muscles, eases muscle stiffness, muscle soreness, muscle fatigue, travel fatigue, jet lag, digestive system, cleansing effect on kidneys, cleansing effect on liver, cleansing effect on gallbladder, lymphatic system (Purchon, 63).

Tonic, obesity, kidney and liver problems, migraine, depression, as a tonic and aid in drug withdrawal (Worwood, 401).

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Topical: Apply diluted to bottoms of feet or directly on area of concern.  

Ok for children 2+ with proper dilution.

Pregnancy and lactation safe with extra dilution.

Click here for the essential oils dilution chart.

Inhalation: Diffuse or inhale directly.

Generally regarded as safe (GRAS) by the FDA.

Internal:  Although the quality of Selah Oils is excellent, it is not advised to take essential oils internally unless under the guidance of a certified physician who is also certified in aromatherapy. We recommend getting internal dosing instructions from a licensed physician as some essential oils are not recommended for oral consumption. This is in no way a reflection on our oil quality, only a matter of safety and caution with respect to how concentrated essential oils are. When used within safe parameters, and under your physician's care, the quality of our essential oils is such that they can be used internally if deemed appropriate.

However, with that said, it is important to remember the extreme concentration of essential oils. "Using essential oils by rubbing them into the skin or via inhalation is in many cases more effective than oral delivery" (Schnaubelt 96).

All cautions listed for individual oils do not include those cautions from ingestion.


All cautions listed for individual oils do not include those cautions from ingestion. It is not advised to take essential oils internally unless under the guidance of a licensed physician who is also certified in aromatherapy. 

"Based on the IC50 values for CYP2A4 inhibition and the concentrations of pergamottin and pergapten in grapefruit oil, it is not at all likely to cause drug interactions" (Tisserand). This means that the chances of this oil interacting with medications are minimal.

There is a low risk of photoxicity. Avoid direct sunlight for 12 hours after application.

May cause skin sensitization if oxidized. To prevent oxidation, store in a dark, airtight container in a refrigerator.  

If for any reason you get essential oils in your eyes, put carrier oil along the eyebrows above the eyes and on the cheekbones below the eyes.  

Do not put essential oils inside your ear canal.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

GC/MS Key Constituents:

Limonene 94.44%
Myrcene 1.87%
Pinene <alpha> 0.59%

Sabinene 0.52%


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