The Power Behind the Selah Kids Collection

One of the most common topics of feedback that we hear about the Selah Kids Collection is the amount of time and research that it saves moms.  It is no small feat to scour books, reports, and articles on the topic of essential oil safety for children until you know it well enough to apply oils to your littles.  But with the Selah Kids Collection, all of the work has already been done for you!  Years of research and information compiled by doctors and midwives in the field, forms the foundation on which this collection was formulated.  This offers you the peace of mind you need to roll-and-go without taking any worry with you. 

In the process of making memories, little people often emerge with a few bumps and bruises.  Our Selah Kids Collection offers a perfectly portable way to combat daily dilemmas - from caring for the common cold to remedying endless other hiccoughs along the way.  With these effortless, ready-to-roll blends, you and your littles can worry less and play more.  

Mess free and ready to go, Dr. Mom can always be armed with just what she needs.  At a dilution ratio of 2%, these carefully selected blends are just right for kids ages two and up.  Kids can easily bring these perfectly portable Selah Kids blends right along with them to soccer practice, birthday parties, sleepovers and anywhere else that their adventurous little hearts take them.

Blends included in the Selah Kids Collection: 

  • Armor, Jr.: This oil blend may be used with fighting the common cold.
  • Breeze, Jr.: This oil blend may be used with breathing difficulty.
  • Ease, Jr.: This oil blend may be used with minor bumps and scrapes.
  • Empower, Jr.:  This oil blend may be used to help with concentration, focus, and attention.
  • Regenerate, Jr.: This oil blend may be used with bruises, bumps, muscle pains, muscle aches and growing pains.
  • Resting, Jr.: This oil may help with anxiety, overactive and hard-to-manage children, snoring, sleep walking, stress, insomnia, depression, relaxation, and eases tension.
  • Soft, Jr.: The oils in this blend may be used for skin issues – wounds, cuts, bruises diaper rash and other itchy rashes.
  • Tummy Troubles, Jr.: This oil blend may be used with colic, gas, constipation, diarrhea and various belly upsets.

(Please read the information on each individual oils page as well. You can use the links on the list above to look at each oil page.)

When you get any one of the Selah Kids oils, you can rest assured that it is safe for your child to use.  Now you can conquer the sniffles and get back to your mom-game.