About Us

Hey, I'm Brittany and I am so glad you are here!

 My mission is to help you learn all that you can about essential oils so that you'll gain the confidence it takes to call the shots for your health, your body, and your family.  (I know just how that family of yours depends on you, Dr. Mom.) ;-D

Man, it took me way too long to break through and find this place - this place of unapologetic, fearless living; this place of authenticity and weightless freedom; this way of living borderless.  

For me, swimming upstream started about ten years ago.  I started seeking natural remedies, chemical free products, and ways to make our home toxin and chemical free. If you are on that same search, then you have come to the right place and I want to get you started with $10 FREE. Just create an account and then check your email for the code!

Thanks for coming to check out Selah Oils and how we are living borderless,

Brittany, CEO

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