Set Apart Promise

In a world of increasing confusion and chaos, we pledge to remain set apart - as a light in the darkness, as a company of integrity, and as your fellow believers and friends.

Our aim is to stand Set Apart in our Message, Purity, and Relationships


Lately more and more people are promoting essential oils not just as a means to help the body heal physically, but as a spiritual tool as well.

Essential oils work, and they are gifts from God found in nature, but they do not heal the spirit.  There is only one source for that.

When claims are made that essential oils can uplift, enhance, or even heal a spirit, it strips Jesus Christ of his life-saving power, bottles it up, and markets it as an oil.

Selah Oils was born when we recognized a need for a company that would honor the Lord with essential oils and boldly shed light on the hidden belief systems prominent in the essential oil world. 

We will never promote essential oils as a vessel to heal, enhance or uplift your spirit.  We will never use terms that adhere to the New Age movement such as (but not limited to) chakras, auras, or lifeblood.

Our message is simple.  Essential oils are a gift from God to help us in many ways, but only Jesus Christ and our dependence on Him bring true healing.

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At Selah Oils we pride ourselves on providing only the finest quality, unadulterated essential oils available today.

Because it is imperative to have only the highest quality oils, we have carefully researched the best places to purchase 100% pure essential oils.

It is very important to us to be sure that from the growing of the plants to the harvesting and distilling, only the utmost care is taken to ensure the quality of the essential oils we carry.

Our oils come from all over the world to ensure that they are produced in their most optimum environment. For example, we get our Peppermint oil from farms in the United States, while our Lavender is wild-crafted in France.  We select only ethically farmed, Wild Crafted and Organic (uncertified but farmed with organic methods and principles) essential oils. 

All of our essential oils are GC/MS (Gas Chronometer and Mass Spectrometry) tested and analyzed. Before purchasing each oil, we verify its quality and will not purchase an inferior oil even if we must wait until the next harvest or longer.

When the essential oils enter our facility they are inspected and analyzed again so that we can verify their quality before making them available to you.

Selah oils are 100% unadulterated with zero traces of pesticides, chemicals, heavy metals, pollutants or anything artificial.  There's no fluff.  No fillers.  

Simply essential oils.

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Our relationships with our customers here at Selah are built on prayer, transparency, trust, and answers.


We believe in the God of the bible, the Maker of Heaven and Earth; the very same God who provides our hope in Jesus Christ.  We pray over each customer and their family by name.  Do you have a prayer request?  Send us an email:


We have searched the world over for trusted, reputable suppliers who only provide the absolute, highest caliber product. We will pay more for a quality product rather than settle for sub-par at a cheaper price. Always. We provide the key constituents from all of our GC/MS reports for your reference. Simply email us at and we will send them right over. We believe it is extremely important to be crystal clear to you.


So many of our beautiful customers have told us that because of our promise to be fully Set Apart, they can trust our company.  Trust is not easily earned, and we promise to never violate that trust.


We are committed to using only trusted, true, reputable and non-biased resources that have not been backed financially (or any other way) by any essential oil company.  If you have a question, you can rest assured that we will provide an honest and well researched answer for you.  We have also built a top-notch search engine into our site.  Simply search for a specific health issue in our search bar and it will list for you each item we offer that is applicable.  

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At Selah Oils you are not an order number or just a random customer.  You are a family member, a friend.  We laugh with you, we cry with you.  We visit with you.  You are important and we are committed to maintaining a relationship with you.