The New Look

Several months back, our team set out on a lengthy journey to fine tune our brand, adapting our products and our site to better serve you.  Along the way, we have gotten great feedback from you that propelled us onward.  Now, we are thrilled to reveal the newest update - the new look of our product packaging!

Our aim is to provide you with a product that you love in every way!  In this process of updating the packaging, our goals were to:

  1. Make the text larger and easier to read.
  2. Make the at-a-glance indications quicker to use than before.  (These are no longer sideways on the bottle, requiring turning and tilting.)
  3. Make your individual oils stand out from one another a bit more. (Now it should be a snap to select the oil you are looking for on your shelf!)

With those things in mind, we offered you four samples to choose from. Your votes as a whole left us with this! (Drum roll please)

We are pleased to have met all three of our goals in this process with:

  1. Larger, simpler font
  2. Ridiculously user-friendly indication icons (Check out the image below for an up-close view of this!)
  3. Vibrant, quick to identify colors and larger font on the lids (abbreviated)

These indication icons are suuuuuper important for the expectant mothers and children who reach for oils when they need a little boost.  Using oils safely and age-appropriately has never been easier! 

The indicator icons also direct you to diffuse/inhale the oil or to use it topically (diluted, of course) or both.  Dilution Guidelines are Here. 

And look how the Selah Kid's Collection is just ready and waiting for Dr. Mom to tackle that little patient of hers. ;-)

So here's the scoop on the release...

We will do a slow merge into the updated packaging, phasing out the current product design as we sell out of our stock.  It shouldn't take too long before we see the last of our current stock. 


Thanks for all the love and loyalty you have shown us as we have gone through these updates and changes.  

Much love,