Ylang Ylang

Ever heard of Chanel No. 5?  The classic fragrance could cost you upwards of a hundred bucks for a single bottle!  And we juuust so happen to have one of the ingredients that goes into making that iconic perfume. (1) In fact, ylang ylang has such a sweet smell that this tropical flower offers one of the most commonly used fragrances in perfumes, colognes, cosmetics and soaps. (2) This "Queen of Perfumes" is also used in household cleansers, hair products and even... wait for it... candy and icings.  Crazy, right?? (3)

Don't get too crazy with it though... ylang ylang's scent is so powerful it that may actually cause nausea.  It is best when blended with other oils, particularly citrus or some other sharp fragrance to offset the sweetness. (2)(4)

So what does it contribute health-wise as an essential oil (besides just making you smell really nice ;-))?

For one thing, ylang ylang is known to be quite the calming oil.  Dr. Josh Axe lists ylang ylang as one of the top essential oils for both anxiety and depression. (5) Ylang ylang can be helpful if used right away when someone is shocked, frightened or anxious.  Its tranquilizing property helps to lower raised blood pressure and slow rapid breathing due to stressful situations.  Because it helps with hyperpnoea (over-rapid breathing) and tachycardia (over-rapid heartbeat), it can be used to help reduce high blood pressure. (1)(2)(4) 

If you are battling fatigue, this is an essential oil you want in your corner.  You can diffuse ylang ylang to help with mental and emotional balance. It may prove helpful in giving you the energy you need to fight back!  Its anti-inflammatory effect may also help ease the body aches that often accompany fatigue.  (1)(7) 

And get this... ylang ylang has been used as a hair product for centuries, outdating hairspray by quite a bit.  Whaaa?  It is a natural thickener and promotes hair growth and shine! (2) In addition to being a hair tonic, the essential oil can also be used in skin care.  It has healing properties that may help fight the development of skin cancer cells, as well as keeping your skin looking young. (1)

Our most loyal customers give this oil 5 stars, and I think you will too!


"It has such a great aroma. It is relaxing. I put it in my diffuser necklace and can smell it all day. It's a great stress relieving scent. You definitely want this oil!" -Jo



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