What are people saying about Selah Oils?

Lahoma O. -- "Well, I'm going to say something very controversial, but I'm kinda known for that...First, I have several brands. It's clear Selah has quality oils, and they're affordable. The reason I found Selah was because I was searching for a True Christian essential oil distributor. When I say "True Christian" I mean - they don't quote scripture and reference the Bible on their website only to promote the New Age or pagan agendas by referencing chakras, or "energies", or "auras" when they describe the benefits of their oils. The two major MLM businesses, from which I'll admit I have oils, hide New Age terminology and promote un-Christian spirituality behind an insinuated claim of being Christian companies. At least, it appears that way to me. I recently decided to discontinue giving these deceitful companies my business, even if their oils are good quality. Selah offers a great product, reasonable prices, and actually petition the true Heavenly Father on behalf of their customers. "

Kelli B. -- "It's not often that the owners of a business will actually interact with their customers on a one-to-one basis, but Selah's owners do just that, and that is why I keep coming back."

Brenda C. -- "I TRUST the owners. I believe that the oils, their origins and their concentration levels are EXACTLY what they state."

Damara O. -- "They mailed my oils to my hotel when I realized at the 11th hour that I had almost run out and headed out of the country for 10 days!!!"

Tiffany J. -- "You have sent me oils within days of my leaving the country and prayed for my trip. I love that I always receive my order quickly. You always answer any email or FB message I send. I love your products! They work!"

Johanna T. -- "I trust the owners and I like that it is not an MLM [multi-level marketing] company... It makes it much more affordable to build my collection."

Sydney -- "I am so thankful I was introduced to this company because they have great quality oils that are NOT overpriced...They value their customers and focus on the medicinal properties of the oils rather than claiming the oils for various spiritual uses...Selah Oils are now my go-to!"

Vanessa B. -- "Selah oils work-plain and simple! They are fabulous and so are the owners! I trust the owners and the fact that I can get the product very quickly! I LOVE the fact that when I have a question, I can get an answer right away! That is so very important to me!"

Debbie S. -- "Trust!! I know the oils are pure because I know the owners would never sell anything substandard... Also, I LOVE that I can ask a question and get an answer usually in a few minutes!"

Linsey B. -- "I love that it isn't a Multi Level Marketing company the most! You don't have a ton of uneducated people making recommendations that are potentially harmful to you. Also, the fact that the owners realize that there are times when doctors need to be consulted, and are willing to suggest that as an alternative at times."

Lindsay  D. -- "Quick responses on questions, a wealth of knowledge to draw from, affordable prices, and quick delivery are just a few of the things that keep me coming back to Selah!"

Carol P. -- "Orders are filled quickly. Delivery charges are very reasonable. Website has a wealth of info. FB page offers good info too. Free oil every month with qualifying order. Everything is wrapped well and comes in excellent condition. Oils and other products are high quality. Just good people and good company."

Jody L. -- "Quick and reasonable prices on shipping..."

Marilyn H. -- "They work great and I trust the quality of the oils. Plus, they're a price that I can afford!"

Julie B. -- "2 reasons- the oils are of the highest quality and Selah honors God!"

Anna J. -- "Great service, quality oils, good price and a website that is user friendly. Furthermore, the Gospel message is evident... Lastly, excellent customer service."

Gina T. -- "To have a christian business alternative is awesome! I know the heart of the owners and it's a heart for God and people....not financial gain. Having said that, I would not buy from this company if I had any doubt in the products, but I don't. Now we come full circle...I trust the products not only because I see them work, but because I trust the testimony of the owners. I trust their testimony because of their relationship with our Lord, Jesus Christ. See the circle?"

Rebekah M. -- "I love that when I have a question, I receive a quick, thoughtful answer. Several times I have been told you will look into it, and you do just that! I trust the owners of Selah!"

Shayna L. -- "So much heart into product .. Great price .. Prompt delivery and after comparing other brands I feel like they are a better quality and blend :))"

Tara D. -- "The hearts of the people behind it. The quality of the product in front of them. Nothing can beat integrity on both."

ReDeana S. -- "I love the fact that you two ladies love God so much and put him first! When you run a business that way all else falls in line! I know that your not going to put anything out there that you would not use yourself! You care so much about your customers and are always available to help. You keep your prices where people can afford to buy and you're not all about making money..."

Donna P. -- "I keep coming back because Selah works--plain & simple. I love your variety & they are reasonably priced. I have my favorites but there is always something for whatever ails you... I love Selah oils---their incentives are nice too--like the oil of the month... Like I said they are just plain & good!!!"

Ashley H. -- "We come back b/c it's not just a business... The prayers and personalized guidance for our specifics issues are more valuable than the oils themselves (which are awesome by the way : )"

Mary H. -- "First and foremost I keep coming back to Selah because of the Christian foundation on which this company operates. The product is outstanding, high quality... I appreciate that [they] truly care about their customers..."

Chelsea M. -- "Superb customer service! ... Also the community is great, always so helpful and kind. And of course the quality of the oils are outstanding!"

Amy V. -- "Both of the above....plus! I love that anytime I have a question about anything at all they answer quickly and confidently. I love that they can explain it down to the molecular change and how each oil is harvested. The delivery each time is quick and reward points are my friend."

Tara D. -- "I read every post. I love every oil. Because of your hearts. I recommend you to every American I know for oils because of your integrity and your love of God and family. Your priorities and hearts are always in the right place. It sets you apart."

Jacqueline S. --"Selah is a personal company who puts God first and that is a major difference to me. Customer service is amazing!!"

Gina T. --"First and foremost, it's a Christ centered company owned by some amazing people. Next, the quality of the oils. Last of all, customer service:-) I love you guys!"

Jo M. -- "Because every customer is prayed over by name and family and little notes of encouragement are sent with each order :) On top of that, there is no funny business with these oils. Integrity is huge, especially when dealing with the health, mental and physical, of people. Lastly, there is never a claim that these oils are the healer. God gets all Glory with Selah. Love my oils and totally love my Jesus loving Selah sisters!"

Molly P. -- "Your amazing testimony and Christ centered approach to everything y'all do. I will never use another company."

Edith P. -- "Ships fast! Great quality and personal service!"

Shannon S. -- "Absolutely EVERYTHING THEY ALL SAID rolled into one comment PLUS... I don't have "buy into it". I don't have to join by membership. I don't have to sell anything. I don't have to talk my friends into attending parties to sell it (even though I do tell anyone that wants to know about essential oils about Selah). And, I love that you share through fundraisers with the profits going to the person fundraising because most companies give like 10% and pocket the extra profits. I also love that you have a few local locations if we need that Armor spray in a pinch. I am so proud of [this company] and HONORED to call you a friend."

Anna J. -- "I keep coming back and telling everyone because the product works. I've never used another company but I know someone who did. Their oil smelt bad in comparison which made me not want to use it."

Andrea R. -- "Well ... I would say exactly what each person has expressed. But seriously my add-on is this. I was completely dependant upon pharmaceutical meds for ADD, thyroid, anxiety/depression, needed dulcolax for you know, I got migraines, I paid Drs large amounts of money and literally got more unhealthy. Selah Oils have replaced 4 medicines for me. I feel alive. I feel annointed and I owe it to my God and the Holy Spirit prompting me to keep working the oils and praying. I'm a testimony of healing..."

Julie W. -- "I trust the purity and quality of the oils. I'm becoming more cautious of what I put in and on my body and I can feel good in knowing these oils are pure. Also, I like the amount of research Selah does and yalls willingness to answer our questions."

Kalina G. -- "A Christ centered local company with integrity and a desire to help improve the lives of customers by providing high quality oils and information about each oil, as well as, the opportunity to grow spiritually or to discover spirituality through personalized notes and prayers with each order..."

Carol P. -- "Quality products at reasonable prices. Ability to get answers to questions very quickly via Facebook. Owners are kind and caring. Personal notes, handwritten on the receipts. Owners pray for their clients. Dedication to honesty and integrity."

Jennifer L. -- "Your passion for the purpose !! Standing up for what's right. Providing the BEST quality for the BEST price...seriously !! Plus, I LOVE supporting friends that are operating a business that honors God for all that it is... your integrity is admirable I just love you...!!!"

ReDeana S. -- "Well it would take so long to write it all so I will sum it up with 1 word! TRUST! I trust in the Lord you serve, trust in the care you give and the service you provide. In short I trust you two with my life and the fact that I know you would never give me a product or instructions that you would not give your self or your family! I love Selah and I love you...!"

Valerie F. -- "Selah's oils have worked for me when nothing else has."