What's Happening in Ghana

A panoram of a Ghanaian VBS. 

If only one is reached, if only one soul finds a Savior,

if only one child finds a Father, isn't it all worth it?

The "local" hospital is too far away for most of the locals to travel to.  

So they go to the Missionaries.

For many of the local Ghanaians, their only hope of getting well

rests with this one missionary family.

These are basket weavers.  

For many Ghanaians, this type of "work" is their only source of income.

We sell Girl Scout cookies in much the same way that these children are selling watermelons door to door.  Only here, we don't usually carry them on our heads.

Church here often comes without stained glass windows and padded pews.  

It comes when the Body of Christ gathers.  Wherever they gather. 

With hearts that desire God. 

Serving to make an eternal impact.

People reached.  Lives changed.  Hearts healed.  God glorified.

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