For many women, who had otherwise written off any chance of relief, essential oils have proven to be a key to unlocking proper hormone function and the recession of endometriosis. 

There are some very specific essential oils that are particularly restorative to the female body systems - thereby offering the help that many women are searching for.  Our Indigo Essential Oil Blend is comprised of many of these oils. 

Valerie Worwood gives good deal of info on the troubles and symptoms that accommodate endometriosis and then makes this very encouraging comment in her world-renowned book, The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy:

"If this sounds all too familiar, take heart in the fact that essential oils can certainly help this condition." (p. 214)

She goes on to say that there are specific "physiological reasons that certain essential oils are used for this condition."

For more on the subject, we recommend purchasing a copy of the book she has written on the subject, The Endometriosis Natural Treatment Program.

Aside from a healthy diet of nutritious foods, eliminating processed junk, and gentle exercise, Worwood gives a specific recipe for a sitz bath that compliments this essential oil blend very well. 

Endometriosis Hot Sitz Bath Blend (p. 215)

Geranium         12 drops
Rose absolute       6 drops
Cypress             3 drops
Helichrysum      6 drops
Nutmeg             3 drops

Clary Sage        6 drops

Sitz Bath Method:

  1. Use the warmest waist deep water you can stand without burning.  Add 5 drops of this blend to the water and sit for 2 min.
  2. Immediately switch to a bath of cold water in a separate tub that you have prepared beforehand (an old fashioned galvanized tub, a baby bath tub, a dishwashing bowl, etc). The cold sitz does not need oils, only 2 tsp rosewater.
  3. Switch from the hot bath to the cold. 
  4. Remaining for 2 minutes in each bath constitutes a "cycle".  Three to five cycles per session is ideal. 

*Do not use the sitz bath method if you have high blood pressure, deep vein thrombosis, arteriosclerosis, or any heart condition. 

Using the sitz bath often and the Indigo Essential Oil Blend three times daily over the abdomen and hips (diluted) will give your body many great healing properties to work with!

Remember, your body is a divinely created, self-healing machine - IF you give it the proper building blocks to work with. 


Worwood, Valerie.  The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy. Novato: New World Library. Revised 2016. Print.