How to be Fully Stocked with Less

In this post you'll learn: 

  • How to do more with less.
  • How to use a dozen singles and a half-dozen blends for almost every remedy in our Health Issues Reference Guide.  
  • How to target more issues in a more affordable way. 

*Scroll to the bottom for a quick list of our Capsule Oils Kit and Core Blends Kit.

The Minimal Essentials

Do you struggle with a looming insecurity or intimidation where oils are concerned? 

Do you ever feel like you really need to learn more about essential oils before you can use them effectively? 

Do you ever wonder how on earth you are going to fit all that info into your head and be able to extract it and use it in your moment of need? 

I can nod emphatically along with all of the above questions. I think we all can in one way or another. 

Can I let you in on a little secret? I question myself and my knowledge of oils endlessly. Daily. But shhh… don’t tell on me. *wink*

So, let’s be real with each other for a second, who can honestly know ALL that there is to know about each oil (besides of a 3-inch thick reference book)?

Or better yet - who has a bank account that can afford all the oils we’ve been told we need in order to be “fully stocked”?

With the big companies subtly, yet consistently telling us that we need every last oil on our shelves, I feel like I can visibly see people’s debit cards trembling. We are told we need this oil for this and that oil for that until it almost resembles the idea that there’s a pill for everything. I may be the only one who has experienced this, but I doubt it.  

“There’s an oil for that.” 

Yes, I can agree (most of the time). But I wonder if the big companies want us to hear something more like: there’s a very specific oil for that very specific thing, so be sure to buy every last oil we sell if you want to be able to handle all the things. 

Well, I certainly want to be able to handle all the things.  Who doesn’t? 

But what I am here to tell you is this: there IS an oil for that and for that and for that - and it’s the same oil.

This idea floating around that we really must have all the oils in order to handle all the things is just a well marketed idea. This isn’t the first idea that we have been sold. (Let’s think back to the time we were told there is only one pure, therapeutic oil brand out there.)

What if I told you that it could actually be simple

What if you could simplify your list of essentials while still covering all your bases? 

What if your bank account no longer shivered in fear? What if you found a way to consolidate your essential oil needs while still meeting the wide ranging needs of your family?

I’m here to tell you, it is entirely possible to cover all your bases with far less than the 572 oils out there. Because owning every essential oil on the market is not… well… essential.  (Gasps go up from the crowd!) Yes, I said it. *wink* 

I certainly love those rare oils just like the next girl and can even confess to being truly mesmerized by the immense creativity of our Maker. I have many of those lovely beauties on my shelf, to be sure. But when we are aiming for the minimal essentials, this is the way to go. We are calling this our Capsule Oils Kit - much like a capsule wardrobe. 

You will find the oils in this kit listed in the remedies for nearly every item listed in our Health Issues Reference Guide. You can tackle almost any issue with the oils from our Capsule Oils Kit. Not only is your list of “necessary” oils greatly reduced, but the info and remedies available to you on our site rely on the exact oils from the Capsule Oils Kit. 

My aim in this is to empower you to do more with less.  

In addition, we have a lovely list of blends we'd like you to know about. These prized blends contain many unique, rare oils. With this core set of blends on your shelf, you can still benefit from a wide quantity of oils without having to purchase them all individually. Let me present to you our Core Blends Kit

*Before I introduce you to this fantastic line-up, remember this - because you’ve got to know it. These oils can handle nearly every remedy on our Health Issues Reference Guide. If you had no other oils besides these, you’d be “fully stocked” in my book.  

The Capsule Oils:

Thyme linalool
Roman Chamomile
Eucalyptus Radiata
Tea Tree


The Core Blends:

Tummy Troubles


And there you have it.  Raise your hand if you find this helpful!  

This list has been long overdue here on our site. My hope is that you’ll use this basic, minimal list as a tool to help you balance out the overload of oil info out there. 

Because let’s be honest - life is complicated enough as it is.   

The essentials don’t have to be overwhelming. Let’s simplify essential oils.

Minimal. Essential. Simple. Oils.