Emotional Balance

While a great many essential oils offer emotional support, we felt that this collection would be most useful to you if we provided only the very best of our blends, singles, and Selah Kids blends. 

This group of oils has provided incredible support to a numerous list of challenges including ADD, ADHD, Autism, aggression, anger outbursts, paralyzing anxiety, grief, extreme emotional overwhelm, depression, calming, emotional grounding & balance, impulsive behavior, insomnia, manic episodes, mental and physical trauma, nervousness, Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD), stress, tics, twitching, Tourette's, negative self-talk and thoughts, and many other related issues. 

Because of the way in which essential oils cross the blood-brain barrier, they often produce consistent results when other modalities fail. 

Below is a quick reference table.  For more detailed assistance with these issues, see our Health Issues Reference Guide here